“SECRET LETTERS” to home one stop-loss soldiers story LETTER # 4

Posted on September 20, 2013



“SECRET LETTERS” to home one stop-loss soldiers story LETTER # 4

According to Wikipedia, the Stop-loss definition is:

“Stop-loss is a term primarily used in the United States military. In the U.S. military, it is the involuntary extension of a service member’s active duty service under the enlistment contract in order to retain them beyond their initial end of term of service (ETS) date and up to their contractually agreed end of obligated service (EOS). It also applies to the cessation of a permanent change of station (PCS) move for a member still in military service. Stop-loss was used immediately before and during the first Persian Gulf War. Since then, it has been used during deployments to SomaliaHaitiBosniaKosovo and after the September 11 attacks and the subsequent War on Terror.”

The policy has been legally challenged several times. However, Federal courts have consistently found that military service members contractually agree that their term of service may be involuntarily extended until the end of their obligated service.

However, in real life it is much more than that. The term and its definition are minimal at best. Truth be told, even a cynic can not sit back and agree that such an act by OUR government is that of a free country — let alone a “free-man / soldier, who has served his country — and his term.

Through the years stop-loss has become much more “in our faces”, as undeclared “wars” have called many a soldier back to a place to which they barely survived — once, never-mind a forceful twice-go-round. In a 2004 Campaign speech by the then presidential candidate John Kerry — stop-loss was described accurately as a “back-door draft”. At that time, both politicians and war activists insisted and proclaimed its use an abuse of the law. Since Congress had not officially declared a war — the basis for using stop-loss was to them as well as those affected just that : “abuse”……

Much controversy, political agenda, hype, and inaccurate depictions of this “injustice” surround the topic whenever it is brought to our attention in any form. So how do we as Americans differentiate between fact and fiction — media agenda, propaganda, misguided citizens, and hoaxes — and how do we get the real stories, the guts and grit of the truth without literally being in that situation ourselves ?

In a weekly editorial, Here and Sphere will cautiously report one brave, wounded, forgotten, scared for his life, stop-loss soldier’s story. Though we can not completely vouch for it’s full accuracy — we will deliver this soldier’s encrypted letters, each with all its content — and let you, our readers, decide for yourselves. Our job is to report the news, and bring you the stories that matter to you. In “TOP SECRET” Letter to Home — One stop-loss soldier’s story — we will do just that.


Forgive my substantial gap between letters, something seemed as though it would change for good — forever… But that was just not the case.

The undertones of this letter are probably going to be felt quickly since they are literally my exact feelings — not quite in print, but you get the idea. I guess the best adjectives for my current mood, situation, and over-all life in general would be — SAD, DISGUSTED, TORTURED, and HOPELESS.

I guess I will just start at the beginning since it really doesn’t matter much now anyhow, but here is the bottom line….


If for one measly second you believe you are safe — THINK AGAIN — they win — they got you — you’re a victim too. The difference between us you see — is that you are surrounded by possibilities. The possibility to ask questions, oppose wrong, raise awareness — and hide if you must. ME — I am stuck in this uniform, which I no longer find honor in wearing, as I am commanded to do the most heinous things — you as American’s would be ashamed of YOUR military for doing. YOU WOULD NOT APPROVE!!!!!

A few days after sending my last “secret letter”, I was informed that “I was done, I had fulfilled my obligation and then some. And that I would be transported back to base “IN AMERICA” — where I wold be “mandated to undergo some evaluations, psychological, physical, etc.” — “BUT” upon completion of all mandated testing and debriefing — I COULD GO HOME”………HOME…….

That may seem like a great thing to most, but to me it WAS EVERYTHING……….. I loaded what few belongings I still had with me after years of being shipped here and there — I packed my gear, neat and military cornered cot made up — I sat…..Waiting…..And praying, thinking, smiling, thrilled that I would soon be almost free.

My Eye-in-the-sky escort came, and I happily boarded with a skip in my step and probably the first glimmer to sparkle in my abnormally light eyes, for a man of my complexion. The “higher-ups” as I will call them that sat aboard with me — congratulated me, shook my hand, even thanked me for such dedicated and selfless service. They could shit in their hands and clap for all I cared…. THIS SOLDIER WAS COMING HOME…….

Then it happened — the moment I feared in the depths of my soul, the pilot’s voice came into our headphones — okay gentlemen we are nearing your new home, we wish you all the best — safe keeping, and a safe return……And the rest of his “military bullshit code for ( hey guys we will soon land in your new hell hole hope you don’t die — but see ya later) just faded out….. I heard nothing after I realized I wasn’t going home. I wasn’t even close — in fact I was further away than ever… And now that I am set up here — in a place we have no business in, yet again — I sign off on this letter with teary eyes and hopeless heart. Almost hoping they do realize who the author is.  I know it will be a painful death, treason of some sort no doubt. But I have done no good in the desolate from which I had just come — and already I am setting up to become nothing more than a villain, in the story books of those whose blood is yet to be on my hands.

I would ask for prayers of protection and safe return, but I am unsure if I even want them anymore. Perhaps I do and just don’t feel that way right now, or maybe I just hope that awareness somehow still surfaces from my tragedy. All I know for sure is that I AM NOT HOME… And I am not the only one, there are more of us than the human mind could comprehend. Some worse off — so instead pray for them….

Signed : One stopped and lost Stop-loss soldier


As told by: Heather Cornell