Ramon Tapia returns tonight at Bijou-Boston

Posted on July 27, 2013


A few years back an amazing thing happened at this crazy little place “we” called Club Therapy Rhode Island — it could be said that  the fire and desire to write began to burn again. In the past it had only been embers, a spark here, or flicker there – this was NOT the same. Since that incredible night — after the few jotted paragraphs that made up my first review EVER,  I’m ecstatic to review him again. So in tribute to the humble beginnings I give you a piece of me — imperfect, and silly — my very first review:

Ramon Tapia




First we must state the fact that we were completely blown away by this man (Ramon Tapia) and

more then impressed with his charisma style, and ridiculous skills as a DJ and are very greatful that

we were blessed enough to have been part of his very FIRST U.S. appearance.

The opening sets by local DJ’s Mike Hoska and Brienne Stepan as well as some resident

DJ’s of Therapy — were the perfect start to a climactic evening.  It was truly some of the best house music we

have EVER experienced. Even having heard some of his work could not compare to being front and

center amidst all the mind-blowing rhythmic Pulsations and dirty beats this Amazing man graced us

with — in his seemingly effortless and humble way.


He began to get into his zone he was intently focused on pleasing the crowd with his Masterfully

put together set list —  including tracks like (   Timeless Altitude ) ,and lighting that invaded the

senses with precise like timing. The stop and go and heart pounding sounds emanating through the

club were penetrating. every persons body — then  transitioned sweetly and easily like a grimy underground lullaby.

As the genuinely great man he is he even stayed on later than scheduled and continued to entice and

excite the packed dance floor, and surrounding areas of the club into a ridiculous trance of

incredible energy and amazement, when the lights came on the crowd screamed and cheered in

appreciation and admiration for the job well done and to have experienced such a PHENOMENAL

display of what a true artist is…..The MUSIC and unreal VIBE in the place spoke for itself.

All in All (Ramon Tapia) tops our list of must experience………

A special Thank You to Ramon Tapia

and to Derrek SketchOne Amaral, Andre Perry and the entire INSOMNIA family for making this

event possible and so memorable, RI night life had an experience and did so with excitement and respect,

There is nothing like being part of the journey……….

definitely a night / early morning for the books, Thank you again to ALL involved in making it


Heather Cornell